5 Tips to Enjoy Our Snowy Outdoors

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4 min readFeb 4, 2022


If it isn’t the post-holiday chill. That brisk time of year when we get to enjoy the snowy weather here in our beautiful state without the bombardment of the same five Christmas songs and their 5,000 covers.

It’s a new year. Full of hope, and wonder, and goals. What better time to get out in nature and get centered as your #newyear #newme begins. The Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) organization has been starting the new year off right with some good ol’ fashion outdoor nature therapy for the last 26 years. From snowshoeing, to snowboarding, and a few fish caught below the ice in between, we’ve always embraced these wonderous flurries that rain from above.

ELK youth hitting the slopes

And we want you to feel comfortable out there right alongside us! To that end, we asked the ELK staff for feedback on their 5 best tips for safely and energetically, recreating this winter. We hope with these tips, that you’ll put your hesitation of frolicking in the snow, on ice.

Get it? You get it.

Ok, let’s go!

Tip #1: Timing is everything

Enjoy the outdoors in the early afternoon. Early afternoons are the warmest part of winter days. Avoid the chill of mornings and evenings near sunrise and sunset — the afternoon is also the time most likely to have bright sunshine!

Tip #2: Planning is key

Especially in Colorado where weather can be unpredictable. If exploring alone, make sure to tell a friend or loved one where you’re heading.

An ELK snowshoeing trip to remember

Tip #3: Layer, layer, layer

Always layer your clothing before heading out and bring a few extra items. Add or keep layers when you’re cold and remove a layer or two as you warm up. Plan to bring a long sleeve shirt, light jacket, and a heavy jacket. Thick socks and gloves are a must as well (keeping your hands, feet, and head dry and warm is essential to staying warm in cold weather), and it’s never a bad idea to bring an extra pair of both for yourself, or a friend that didn’t peep these helpful tips.

Tip #4: Water and snacks

Bring more water and snacks than you think you need. Drinking water is super important in the winter, even if you don’t feel as thirsty.

Tip #5: Eye protection

Sunglasses! Not only do we all look extra cool in sunglasses (there’s even a song about someone who wears their sunglasses at night) but sunglasses will keep your eyes protected, especially when the sun is reflecting off the snow!

ELK students trying their luck at ice fishing

So that’s it. Five helpful tips to turning this cold season into a favorite. I’m not even going to bother ending this blog with a witty quip. I’ve no doubt you’re already outside and on your way to building an epic snowperson, or slightly more adventurously, tackling the feat of ice climbing. Stay woke and stay warm!

Are you in need of some warm clothes for some winter fun? No worries, just let ELK know! We have lots of gear to borrow including: beanies, fleeces, heavy jackets, gloves and snow boots. Reach out to Amy Wright at awright@elkkids.org for more information.

About Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK): Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) is a Denver-based, nonprofit organization established in 1996 to address the growing need to introduce and educate Colorado’s racially diverse youth about science, leadership, and careers. Twenty-six years later, ELK continues to provide strong educational support, good role models, and opportunities for positive community action for youth, helping them to become engaged, productive, and successful members of society. Learn more at elkkkids.org.

About the Author: Kristina Gray received her Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science from MSU Denver in 2011. She has been a part of the nonprofit sector for over 10 years. She is an alumnus of the Corporation for National and Community Service’s AmeriCorps VISTA program and the Hispanic Chamber Foundation’s Aspiring Leaders Program, Class of 2017. Kristina spends her free time advocating for justice and equity for all of Colorado’s youth & families, and going on adventures with her husband and young daughter. Contact Kristina @kopre@elkkids.org.



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