Interview Season Is Upon Us…DUN DUN DUN!

Leadership Corps youth engaged in a mock interview
Leadership Corps students touring CU Denver this winter

Tip #1: Do you.

Don’t be nervous! Just be yourself.

Tip #2: Apply away.

Any scholarship you apply for is helpful. Small scholarships add up and are just as important as big scholarships.

Tip #3: It’s all in the details.

When asked about a problem that you’ve had and how you solved it, add as many details as you can so the interviewer can really visualize the situation and how you resolved it.

Tip #4: Take a breath.

Be calm during your interview. And don’t forget to brag!

Tip #5: Prepare, prepare, prepare.

A good interview is an interview well prepared for. Put in the time to thoroughly research the scholarship, company, or school you are applying for. Also research the interviewers and know a little about their professional background if possible.



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