What’s in a Word? The Value of Journaling in Nature

An ELK student reading in nature

But isn’t a journal that embarrassing thing you hid under your bed as a kid in fear of your siblings finding and reading aloud?

Well, yes. But also no. A journal can take so many forms, you just have to find a place to start. Here at ELK, we use the act of journaling to help young people to connect with themselves, their legacies, and an outdoors that they have for far too long, been told wasn’t for them. Through journaling, students reflect on and identify pieces of science and nature that they can really connect with and want to explore more, as they are thinking about their post-secondary journey to come.

ELK students exploring their passions in nature

Visualize a place in nature.

What does it sound like?

What is the temperature?

What can you see?

Can you smell anything?

What does this moment remind you of?

And that’s it. We’ll let you get to it now. It just may be your poignant words our next generation will be reflecting on.



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